Our Investment Portfolio

Our Investment Portfolio

Discover the dynamic and innovative fintech companies that form the heart of Pinorena Capital’s investment portfolio. Each company represents our commitment to fostering groundbreaking financial technologies and business models.

Current Investments

Each profile should include the company name, a brief description, the reason
for investment, and key achievements.

An acclaimed multi-regulated global trading services provider, Tickmill stands out for its robust trading infrastructure and a focus on algorithmic traders. Illimar Mattus is the co-Founder of Tickmill.

The Trading Pit

A leading online prop trading firm, The Trading Pit offers a unique platform for traders worldwide. Our investment supports their mission to democratize access to trading success through an innovative trader-focused ecosystem. Illimar Mattus is the co-Founder of The Trading Pit.


OpenAI is a leading AI research and deployment company most known for its free-to-use AI system - ChatGPT. Their mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. We are one of few late-stage private investors in OpenAI.


A beacon for traders seeking to build a verifiable track record, Darwinex’s technology empowers traders with regulatory cover. Our marketing and financial partnership with Darwinex underlines our commitment to supporting fintech innovations that empower talented individuals.

LHV Bank

AS LHV Group, a public company listed on Nasdaq. It is the third largest banking and investment group in Estonia with more than 400 000 clients. LHV Bank is one of the largest brokers on NASDAQ OMX Baltic stock exchanges and the largest broker for Baltic retail investors in international markets. We are a public investor in LHV Group.

C8 Technologies

C8, run by former hedge fund managers and quants, elevates financial institutions, platforms, RIAs, and Family Offices through its universe of investments, revolutionary portfolio allocation tools, and seamless execution, charting a course toward unparalleled success. We provided growth capital for C8.


Upgrade is a leading neoBank in the US who in just the last five years, has made over $24 billion of credit available to its customers. Millions of families across America are using the services of Upgrade. We provided growth capital for Upgrade.


Zilch is a London-based BNPL payment platform. It was publicly launched in September 2020 and has over 3 million users primarily in the United Kingdom. We provided growth capital for Zilch.


Klarpay is a B2B-focused bank in Switzerland and seeks to become the most reliable backbone for online businesses and digital entrepreneurs by enabling them to accept payments, make payouts and manage their business globally. We were early-stage investors in Klarpay and have supported them in global expansion.


Leading the charge in sustainable building technology, Bisly is a testament to our commitment to green and smart construction. Their recent funding round, which we led, marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future in real estate.


HUDstats is dedicated to bringing esports closer to audiences with data-driven storytelling. Using advanced machine learning and computer vision technology, it extracts and delivers real-time esports data, enhanced statistics and real-time data visualizations to esports clients worldwide. We have provided growth capital for HUDstats.

Inges Insurance

Inges is going to be one of the fastest growing full-service insurance companies in Europe where technology helps to scale in a cost- and time-efficient way. We are one of the passionate early stage investors in this project.


Insly founder Risto Rossar established the first digital insurance broker in the world in 2000 and after selling the broker business in 2014 has been focusing together with Insly team of 110 employees on helping other insurance businesses to become digital. We have provided growth capital to Insly.


Modera, now a publicly listed company, provides car manufacturers, importers and dealers innovative multi-channel technologies to solve most of the challenges faced in car sales. We have provided growth capital through public share placement.


Made up of a bunch of crazy ex-bankers, punkers, business cowboys, creative thinkers, Monemon is creating a completely different banking experience for the generation Z. We have provided early-stage capital for Monemon.

Ventura Capital

Ventura Capital is a multi-billion dollar investment company specializing in pre-IPO technology leaders globally. It has invested in global technology leaders such as Didi, Uber, Alibaba, Lyft, Spotify, Xiaomi. We are doing co-investments with Ventura.

Faraday Venture Partners

Faraday Venture Partners, founded in 2011, promotes and manages early-stage startup investments for private investors with a focus mostly on technology startups in Spain, Belgium and Italy. We are investing in Faraday-managed investment funds.