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An acclaimed multi-regulated global trading services provider, Tickmill stands out for its robust trading infrastructure and a focus on algorithmic traders. Illimar Mattus is the co-Founder of Tickmill.

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The Trading Pit

A leading online prop trading firm, The Trading Pit offers a unique platform for traders worldwide. Our investment supports their mission to democratize access to trading success through an innovative trader-focused ecosystem. Illimar Mattus is the co-Founder of The Trading Pit.

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OpenAI is a leading AI research and deployment company most known for its free-to-use AI system - ChatGPT. Their mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. We are one of few late-stage private investors in OpenAI.

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A beacon for traders seeking to build a verifiable track record, Darwinex’s technology empowers traders with regulatory cover. Our marketing and financial partnership with Darwinex underlines our commitment to supporting fintech innovations that empower talented individuals.

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LHV Bank

AS LHV Group, a public company listed on Nasdaq. It is the third largest banking and investment group in Estonia with more than 400 000 clients. LHV Bank is one of the largest brokers on NASDAQ OMX Baltic stock exchanges and the largest broker for Baltic retail investors in international markets. We are a public investor in LHV Group.

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About Pinorena Capital


Pinorena Capital, a venture capital leader, is dedicated to empowering the next wave of Fintech pioneers. With a strategic focus on early-stage ventures, we partner with talented engineers and visionary entrepreneurs to redefine the financial landscape. Our geographical reach spans across the European Union, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, positioning us at the crossroads of diverse financial markets and innovations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify and support transformative Fintech solutions that promise not only commercial success but also to bring about meaningful advancements in the way financial services operate.

Our Investment Approach


We believe in a hands-on approach, offering more than capital. Our expertise in scaling global businesses and deep industry connections enable our portfolio companies to achieve unprecedented growth and market leadership

Investment Criteria

We invest in companies that demonstrate cutting-edge technology, a clear vision, and the potential to disrupt the financial sector. Our investment stage is primarily focused on early-stage ventures where we can make the most impact.

Leadership Highlight:
Illimar Mattus


Illimar Mattus, the Founder of Pinorena Capital, has over two decades of expertise in investment banking, brokerage, and venture capital. His journey from trading on the financial markets to leading global brokerage firms embodies our ethos of hands-on experience and deep industry knowledge. Illimar’s commitment to providing fair opportunities in financial markets is evident in his role at the proprietary trading firm The Trading Pit and the global broker Tickmill, where he is also the co-founder. His foresight and strategic leadership continue to drive our portfolio companies towards global prominence.